Collection of information

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) of our website (Convertidormp3) describes the privacy policy of the Service.

We may collect your information when you provide it to us through the Service, including your email address, email address, telephone number, your name and any other information that may be classified as Personally Identifiable Information. We do not expressly collect personal information from children under 13 years of age.

How do we use your personal data?

Any personal information collected from you when you use the Service is used to: (i) for the promotion of the Service and other available services and products; (ii); providing you with notifications (iii) for a quick response to your questions or suggestions; and / or (iv) to reform the quality of our products and services. We may use your email address, phone number, SMS address or any other contact information to send you notifications related to new services, products, features, special offers, promotions or other offers accessible through the Service, or to provide confirmation or to improve customer service.

Reglas the Opt-In y Opt-Out

Any of your personal information collected by us will never be shared in other ways that are not mentioned in this privacy policy, unless you explicitly choose to provide the information to third parties in various places on the Service. However, the chosen selections will not be necessary to share your personal data with any third party. In addition to this, you can choose to exclude yourself from the selections you have previously made and obtain certain means of communication at any time you wish, for which you will have to contact the Customer Service mentioned at the end of this Privacy Policy. . By selecting such action, you acknowledge that such selection, including the decision to opt-out of receiving any communication and / or deleting your personal data,


When you use the Service, during this time you may also collect certain technical information related to your device. The information that is collected about your device can include the web browser and the operating system that you use, the IP address, as well as the UDID, a unique device identification. In addition, each time you visit the Service, you can automatically assign a “cookie” (which is a small piece of information sent by the website and stored on the user’s device). However, this cookie does not store any type of personal information about the user. You can choose not to obtain cookies by simply choosing to reject cookies in the cookie notice when it appears during your visit to the site. When you choose not to allow cookies, stop taking advantage of the optimal use of the Service. In addition to this, we may also use cookies and third-party advertising technologies to provide ads based on interests when you visit any of our sites where we advertise. In addition, we can use web beacons, provided by our ad serving partner, to help you manage online advertising.

Improving the quality of our websites

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the content of the Service, as well as traffic, we may collect and use information about your device. By using such device data, we strive to improve the convenience of using our website and improve the quality of the visit to the Service. In addition, we do not track your IP address or collect information about your activities from anywhere else on the Internet. We may collect information about your uses of the Service and about you, and that it may be aggregated with any other information collected from other websites or the Service or otherwise that may be used in ways that do not personally identify you or that do not compose personal information.

Alerts or notifications about changes

We reserve the right to modify or modify this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason. If we decide to use any personal information collected from you in any other way that has not been established at the time of collecting such information, we will send you notifications by email or other possible channels, and we will give you the option to opt out of use. In addition, in the event that we make changes to our privacy policy, we will provide notifications through an important notice on the Service that will be posted to notify users of the changes. In addition to posting the change notification, we may also send emails to some users in certain cases regarding changes to our privacy policy.

Customer service

If you need help with the use of the Service or if you have any questions about the Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy or the services or products offered by our suppliers, contact us on our website.